Melingo Ltd., a subsidiary of Britannica, is Israel’s leading company in online dictionaries and smart search products, and the leading company worldwide in computational linguistics of Semitic languages. Melingo specializes in bringing to market products and services based on natural language processing (NLP) of Hebrew and Arabic – computationally complex languages. Melingo also markets unique enterprise solutions in various languages to private and public markets.
Melingo’s products include: smart search engines for Hebrew, Arabic and Persian; unique enterprise solutions for data retrieval, online dictionaries and a text-to-speech (TTS) product for Hebrew.
These products are meant for the Internet, for organizations’ intranet networks and for cellular networks. Melingo owns the websites Morfix – a free Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew dictionary, Rav-Milim – the most extensive Hebrew dictionary in Israel, Nakdan Morfix – Automated vowel addition (Nikud) to Hebrew texts, Kolfix – a text-to-speech program [it’s not a website] and bilingual dictionaries in other languages.
Melingo’s main areas of activity: speech technology, online dictionaries and various tools based on these dictionaries; advanced search engines based on morphological analysis, natural language queries, automated tagging, characterization/specification and routing of texts; smart text analysis according to customers’ needs in various languages.
Hebrew and Arabic are known for their complex morphology (linguistic forms and inflections system), especially in the unvowelized spelling. Melingo’s morphological analysis enables to analyze each word and each unvowelized inflected form in a text and to decode it according to its context and based on a vast/rich linguistic database. (For example, the word ‘מספר’ can be read in several ways according to the sentence in which it is embedded: מִסְפָּר, מְסַפֵּר, מִסֵּפֶר, מִסַּפָּר and so forth. The morphological analysis recognizes each form according to its context and thus enhances significantly the ability to summarize the text.
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the most rapidly developing areas of software technology today. Melingo’s groundbreaking technology is unique within this field, in that it succeeds in breaking down text into workable components, using efficient algorithms, economical in data capacity.

Concept Search

A morphological plug for search engines and database which improves dramatically search results


The leading Hebrew-English-Hebrew online dictionary, translating words and sentences including morphological analysis.

Rav Milim

The most detailed and up-to-date online Hebrew dictionary, which includes morphological analysis, full explanations and much more


A text analysis and textual categorized entity extraction API for Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi texts.


An automatic simple-to-use tool for adding the Hebrew vowel signs (Nikud) according to the context and Hebrew grammatical rules, with 97% accuracy.

Text Tagger

An automatic solution for text tagging in several languages and extraction of important topics.

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