Kolfix – Hebrew text narration

Colfix is a joint venture by Melingo and Almagu, an Israeli voice technology company.  In the past Melingo developed ‘Kolan’, a text reading program, and now, based on Almagu’s technology, it offers a friendlier and more human sounding reader.  Kolfix analyses the text according to context and can read it aloud clearly and as accurately as possible in Hebrew.

Kolfix’s reader has already been installed by many organizations, such as: Tel Aviv University, the Open University, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, College of Management Academic Studies, Achva College, the Center for Academic Studies in Or Yehuda, Sapir College, the Center for Educational Technology, Israel Today and more.

Kolfix users

Children and adults with vision impairment

Students with visual attention problems, who have difficulty concentrating when reading long texts

Hebrew speakers who for whatever reason have difficulties reading Hebrew

Children and adults with speech impediments who need an alternative method of communication

And generally -

Anyone interested in hearing a text from the computer (email, news item etc.) while they are busy elsewhere and are not free to sit at the screen.

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