Nakdan Morfix

Nakdan Morfix is an essential tool for anyone working with Hebrew vowels.  The site analyzes and automatically adds vowels to any Hebrew word according to Hebrew grammar rules. Nakdan is highly accurate due to an advanced language analysis system, which adds vowels to each word in the text according to the context in which it appears.  All you need to do is type in or copy-and-paste the text, and Nakdan will do the rest at the press of a button. You can save time while editing by simply choosing from a menu of ready-made vowel options for each word.

Nakdan Morfix features

Text vowelization

Accurate vowelization of Hebrew texts, according to contextual analysis.

Conjugation recognition

.The ability to analyze the morphology of all Hebrew language conjugations

Manual fix

The option to change vowels manually or automatically.

More vowel options

The possibility of choosing from a variety of vowel options

Variable font size for comfort of use

Control of the font size

Easy user-friendly interface

Simply copy and paste any Hebrew text and get vowels at the push of a button.

Nakdan Morfix Users

Teachers, academics and students


Schools and academic institutions

Linguistic editors


Writers and poets


Anyone working with vowels and grammar

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