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In conjunction with the mother company Britannica, and sister company Merriam Webster, Merlingo also offers the Spanish-English-Spanish dictionary Nglish on the website and in the application.

Nglish includes translations of words, sentences and expressions from Spanish to English and vice versa, hundreds of thousands of examples of usage, synonyms, relevant phrases, and voice playback for every English word.  The site also aids in the study of English in that it allows the user to save words to a personal list and practice them at a later time.

Nglish characteristics


Complete and comprehensive translation

The most comprehensive and current translation from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.  The dictionary updates continuously with new translations for words and word combinations, including expressions and new slang words.

User friendly dictionary

Type or paste in the English or Spanish word or phrase and get the Spanish or English translation.

Reverse translation

Click any word in the translation result in English in order to get its translation into Spanish, including the option of voice playback, possible conjunctions and more.

Usage examples, synonyms and relevant phrases

The site translation includes hundreds of thousands of examples of current usage, synonyms and related phrases, which help learn and understand the word.  It is easier to understand the various meanings of a word when seeing it in a sentence.  The word ‘fund’ for example has four different meanings, each of which is shown in a different sentence.  Synonyms help vary our language and avoid repetition.

Word auto-complete

Start typing a word in English or Spanish, and the website presents possible words to choose from.

Voice playback

The website offers voice playback in English for learning proper pronunciation. This option helps in learning English – listen to the pronunciation, repeat it and learn.

Analysis of conjunctions in English

Nglish presents each English word with its possible conjugations. For example for the word number:

number noun


number verb

numbered, has numbered, is numbering, numbers

Save to favorites

Registered users can save their favorite words to their personal area for future practice, on the website and in the application.

Nglish app for Android

The free Android Nglish app offers, besides an excellent English-Spanish/Spanish-English dictionary, tools for learning and practicing the English language.  Learning on the application is through word games, word lists at differing levels, such as words related to travel and work abroad, business English, slang, words for children and more, and also learning via flashcards, which has been proven to be the best system for learning English.  The app also allows users to create personalized word lists and games for future practice (including past errors, preferred words and translated words).  The application’s goal is to provide Spanish speakers with a way to improve their English skills through play, in a way which emphasizes the fun of learning, using quizzes, word games, flashcards and more, packaged in an intuitive and easy to use interface.

The app won first place at the 2015 Appy Awards, in the reference category.


:The app includes everything on the website, plus


Sharing text directly from the device

The possibility to send text from outside the app, to be translated by Nglish, through Android’s share option (highlight the text you want translated, and share it via Nglish to get the translation).

Learning English

Learn new English words through word lists on various subjects and at differing levels: Business, food, sports, slang etc.

Personal word lists

The option to save words to a personal list for continuing study and practice.

Learn from your mistakes

Automatic saving of erroneous quiz answers to your personal word list, for continuing study and practice.

Voice search

Search for dictionary entries using voice recognition

Help studying for tests

Test preparation (for example psychometric, SAT,  GMAT, TOEFL etc.) using specific word lists which aid study.

Choice of interface

User can choose an English or a Spanish interface.

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