Rav-Milim is the leading online Hebrew dictionary, the only one offering a complete morphological analysis, which makes it possible to find every Hebrew word, in every conjugation and every form of spelling.  The dictionary encompasses the entire modern Hebrew vocabulary, in all its layers and dimensions.  The dictionary updates regularly, new words coined by the Academy of the Hebrew Language, alongside foreign terms and even new slang are added.  The website is an essential tool for anyone writing in Hebrew: publishers, linguistic editors, newspaper publishers, writers and poets, journalists, lawyers, marketing and advertising writers, bloggers, crossword and other puzzle creators, psychometric test writers, teachers, students and those taking the psychometric examination.

The Rav-Milim dictionary, the most comprehensive Modern Hebrew dictionary, was created as part of the largest Hebrew lexicological and linguistic undertaking in Israel.  Professor Yaakov Shweka, a world renowned expert in the field of computational linguistics headed the project, and Israel’s leading lexicologists and language experts participated.  The project combines a novel approach to lexicography, vast knowledge of computational linguistics and current computer technology.

Rav-Milim Characteristics

Complete morphological analysis

Makes it possible to find every Hebrew word, whatever the conjugation or spelling.  The dictionary identifies the various conjugations of each word and defines them individually. For example, the word ארז ‘Erez’ can be interpreted in several ways: Erez, Araz, Orez.  The morphological analysis identifies all the different forms and contexts, presents each separately with the proper vowel signs and the part of speech, such as noun, verb etc., and gives a comprehensive definition for each.

A comprehensive explanation

Full explanations, meanings in all levels of the language, examples of usage, sources etc.


A large compilation of synonyms: poetic, literary, slang.

Expressions and combinations

A list of all expressions the word appears in, and their explanations.


A list of all words which rhyme with the requested word.

English translation

English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English translations from a  very large reservoir of words and expressions.  The dictionary is bi-directional and a request in English will yield a Hebrew result.

Crossword solver

Complete words to solve and create crossword puzzles.


A grammatical analysis, proper vowel signs and spelling for every word in every conjugation.

Continuous updating

Addition of new words, including new coinages by the Academy of the Hebrew Language, foreign terms and slang.

Dates and numbers

Conversion of numbers and dates into accurate Hebrew spelling.

Response to users' suggestions and questions

Every linguistic question is answered, every suggestion considered.

Rav-Milim’s Hebrew language blog

A blog dedicated entirely to word games and stories.
Lovers of Hebrew will find fascinating posts by Dr. Rubik Rosental and the Rav-Milim staff, who research the origins and incarnations of words, and present them in a new light.
Lior Liani’s cryptic crossword and cryptic definition column is dedicated to lovers of logic, and also offers tips on how to solve this type of puzzle.
No less fascinating is the dialogue which develops between the blog readers on various linguistic issues, following the posts.

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