Name Comparison

Due to the need which arises when organizations are dealing with long lists of names, and with texts which include many names with variegated spellings, including many different grammatical and cultural characteristics, Melingo has created an automated name comparison tool – Melingo Names Compare API.

The system is built as an API which makes it possible to compare two names written in Hebrew.  The system also supports Arabic names written in Hebrew letters, with all their complexity.

The name comparison is done using a variety of mechanisms which make it possible to find complete or partial uniformity between names, at a high level of certitude.  Two names are inputted into the system, and the output is a score between 0 and 100, where 100 indicates that the names are identical and 0 indicates complete dissimilarity.

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Chracteristics of Melingo’s name comparison tool

Comparison of names written in Hebrew

A comparison between every pair of names written in Hebrew

Arabic names

The name comparison supports the comparison of Arabic names written in Hebrew letters, and gives results with a high level of accuracy, while coping with the particular needs of Arabic spelling.

High level of accuracy

The level of accuracy in identifying similarity between names is extremely high.

Easy to use system

The system is very easy to use, no prior programming knowledge is necessary.

Example of the name comparison function

The following table includes pairs of names and a score for each pair which ranges from 0 to 100, according to the probability that they are the same name.

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