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Morfix is Israel’s leading Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew translation website.  Morfix accurately translates words, sentences and expressions, and is the only free Hebrew English dictionary and translation service which includes all vowel signs (Nikud), morphological analysis (all Hebrew inflections are recognized), pronunciation sound files, phrases idioms and expressions on all levels of English and Hebrew, and hundreds of thousands of examples of current usage.  Morfix is widely used by school children, college and university students, and as an aid in preparation for the psychometric exam.  Morfix also offers a daily email with a current affairs related word of the day, phrase of the day, and other interesting information for improving Hebrew speakes’ English language fluency, as well as helping English speakers learn Hebrew.

Morfix Characteristics

Complete and comprehensive translation

Translation from Hebrew to English and vice versa, the most comprehensive and up-to-date on the web, including hundreds of thousands of examples of usage, synonyms and related phrases.

Voice playback

One can listen to the proper English pronunciation of each word, thus improving learning and understanding.

Reverse translation

One can click on any word in the Hebrew to English translation result and get it translated back to Hebrew, together with a voice playback option, conjugations etc.

Morphologic analysis and Hebrew vowel signs

Morfix does a morphologic analysis of the requested word, identifies all its forms and conjugations and presents an appropriate translation.  All Hebrew words are shown with the vowel signs, making it possible to find the right translation for different words spelled the same way (homonyms).

Continuous updating

The dictionary is continuously updated, new words and phrases are added both in Hebrew and in English, including slang words.

Easy to use dictionary

Type or paste the Hebrew or English word or phrase, and get the translation.

Word auto-complete

Start typing in a word in English, and the website automatically completes to possible options

Analysis of English conjugations

Morfix presents each English word with its possible conjugations. For example for the word number:

number noun

number Singular | numbers Plural

number verb

numbered Past Simple | number / numbers Present Simple | is numbering Present Progressive | has numbered Present Perfect | will number Future Simple

Morfix app for Android

Android’s free Morfix application is Israel’s leading translation app.  Besides an excellent Hebrew-English/English-Hebrew dictionary, the app offers tools for learning and practicing English.  Learning on the app is through word games, word lists on various subjects (such as words related to travel and word abroad, slang lists, lists for children etc.), and also via flashcards, which has been proven to be the best system for learning English.  The app also allows one to create personal games and word lists for practicing on.  Registered users’ mistakes are automatically saved to their private area, as are their dictionary searches.  The application’s goal is to give users an added benefit – improve their fluency in English through play, in a way which emphasizes the fun of learning, using quizzes, word games, flashcards and more, packaged in an intuitive and easy to use interface.

:The application includes all the characteristics of the website, and more

Sharing text directly from the device

The possibility to send text from outside the app, to be translated by Morfix, through Android’s share option (highlight the text you want translated, and share it via Morfix to get the translation).

Learning English

Learn new English words through word lists on various subjects and at differing levels: Business, food, sports, slang etc.

Personal word lists

The option to save words to a personal list for continuing study and practice.

Learn from your mistakes

Automatic saving of erroneous quiz answers to your personal word list, for continuing study and practice.

Learn basic English

Transliterated word lists and games for children just beginning to learn English.

Help studying for tests

Test preparation (for example psychometric, SAT,  GMAT, TOEFL etc.) using specific word lists which aid study.

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