About Us

Melingo AI

Melingo AI provide top-quality AI solutions. Part of the Britannica family, Melingo specializes in AI solutions centered on Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our product range includes solutions for data insights retrieval, smart search engines, online dictionaries, and text-to-speech (TTS) systems.

Melingo owns the websites Morfix – a free Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew dictionary, Morfixschool- an online website for learning English, Rav-Milim — the most extensive Hebrew dictionary in Israel, Nakdan Morfix — Automated vowel addition (Nikud) to Hebrew texts and bilingual dictionaries in other languages.

Melingo is a global player in the field of computational linguistics, offering solutions in many languages. We’re proud to serve a broad customer base that includes public organizations and leaders in industries such as finance, insurance, security, and government departments.