Melingo AI Engine

Melingo AI Engine

Meet the Melingo AI Engine — your solution for decoding unstructured text.

We transform chaos into structured data you can use, even with limited training data. And with easy deployment and scalability, we’re a perfect fit whether you’re in the cloud or on-premises.

Unlock the Power of Melingo AI

Explore Its Impressive Features

Extracting Insights

With the Melingo AI engine, you can finally make sense of your surveys. It not only identifies important topics but also categorizes complaints, identifies potential customer drop-offs, and monitors your competitors.


Our natural language classification solutions ensure that your customer calls will never be lost. They connect with your operations, classify customer requests, and ensure that they are directed to the appropriate department. It's your customer service secret weapon.

Auto Tagging

Sick of sorting requests manually? Our automated tagging system does the hard work for you, directing requests to the right place and even whipping up automatic replies. Efficiency has never been this easy.

Entity Extraction

With our Melingo AI engine, you get entity extraction that suits your needs. It identifies everything from names and locations to phone numbers, and it's savvy enough to pick out user-defined entities. Say hello to easy and effective classification.


Take privacy protection up a notch with our AI anonymization tool. It cleverly swaps sensitive details like names or credit card numbers with generic labels, giving you peace of mind and a clean, anonymized text.


Melingo AI Engine is like your own personal text interpreter. It picks up on the intent, mends typos, deciphers slang phrases, and if needed, it can even break a sentence into multiple intents.

Sentiment Analysis

Catch the vibe with our AI tool that smartly pulls out sentiments from your text. It can juggle multiple sentiments, tell happy from sad, and gives you the lowdown on customer satisfaction, service quality, and more from customer chats.

Recognizes Entities

Text mining just got a whole lot easier. Our AI tool niftily picks out the main entities from your text—names, locations, IDs, you name it. And yes, it can spot any offensive terms too.